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Interiors By Lindsay - Lindsay Fuller

Interiors By Lindsay – Lindsay Fuller

Looking back I can remember the very first time I wanted to be a designer. I was in middle school, and had taken my mother’s JCPenney catalog to flip through it. By the time I was done I had drawn up a floor plan for my room and picked out specific pieces of furniture I wanted for various areas of my bedroom. I wish I could remember what my mother’s reaction was when I presented my plan. I’m sure she thought what I had come up with was savvy, but I doubt she would have purchased a few thousands dollars worth of designer furniture so I could accessorize and update my room.

I attended the University of Rhode Island and earned a BS in Textile, Merchandise, Fashion, and Design with a concentration in Interior Design and a minor in Art. I was the roommate in college that was constantly stacking all my things into the hallway so I could bring it back in and redesign the space. I get ‘itchy’ if things stay in the same place for too long. My friends would end up having to climb passed my things, and I’d hear “she’s at it again…”


I started my business with the intention of reaching out to a demographic that I personally feel gets lost in the shuffle. All too often people think that ‘designers’ are just for high end homes, with a very disposable income attached. I believe that even the modest family in their 1,200 square foot cape should have access to a professional designer. Furthermore, small offices, commercial spaces, and small startup companies, are also a market I enjoy working with. Whether staging a home to sell or redesigning a space, I specialize in working with what homeowners already have and building from there. So whether I spend a few hours in a home and point the client in the right direction, or I’m hired for an open ended job, I can accommodate all budgets and price points. Sometimes you just stare at a space so long you don’t know where to begin?! I provide the insight and guidance needed to help clients revitalize their space so they love it again.